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Jan 01 , 1970

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What is: Accounting & Financial Management System?

Accounting & Financial Management System Software is to keep record covering from small business to large business Accounting transactions & Financial Statements such as Receives & payments, General ledger, general journal, accounts payable, accounts receivable, Bank Book, Cash Book, trial balance, financial statements & security. It functions as an accounting information system.

Accounting software is an invaluable resource for modern business. Software allows detailed tracking of financial transactions and near instantaneous reporting and analysis. Before accounting software, these tasks had to be performed manually, using large transaction journals.

Special Specifications



Key Features

New User
Grant User
User Permision
Basic Settings
Company Settings
Financial Period
Account Group
Account Head Information
Anual Budget
Project Accounting
Opening Balance
Fixed Asset Depreciation
Financial Transaction 
Cash Payment Voucher
Cash Receive Voucher
Bank Payment Voucher
Bank Receive Voucher
Journal Voucher

Voucher Editing
Voucher Checking & Posting 
Year Ending Process 
Reports & Analisis

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Cash & Bank Book
  • Income & Expenditure Register
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger

Financial Statement

Add Financial Statment 
Create Statment Data 
Process Statment Data
Print Financial Statment



Environment of laravel 5.1 or upper version


How to install

  1. Download .zip package
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Extract the package (make sure all the folders have write permission)
  4. Database Name : create a mysql database named financial
  5. Edit .env file from students/.env file
    • Database username  : username of the financial database
    • Database password : password of the financial database
  6. import database financial.sql
  7. Run url via browser ( and you will find this interface.
  8. Login  User Name: [email protected], Password: pass123