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Jan 01 , 1970

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Media Converter is a php web application that coverts and resizes images/photos from one dimension and format such as jpg, webp, gif, etc to another.

Special Specifications



  • Fully Responsive
  • Secure File Upload
  • Object Oriented Php
  • Easy to setup


  • Extract the zipped file to your desktop.
  • Open the extracted folder and move the "Media-Converter" folder to your web server.
  • Move the ".htAccess" file to your server root
  • Make sure the server is running
  • Access the application from your web browser such as google chrome using your server domain.
  • You can also check in the documentation folder for more guidance
  • if you are deploying it on a Linux server, edit the autoload file in the config folder, edit the class autoloader and change "\" used in Windows paths to "/" which is the one used in Linux paths